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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  February 20, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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in the mountains to the west and radar indications in a couple of sprinks at some of the higher eel vasions and the cloudy ndsfness and moisture being squeezed out. that's a minor thing. and you'll notice the precipitation that wintry mix that's out in the hoifer ohio river valley. that's the moisture running into the high pressure. we'll detail this coming up. we'll continue the nice weather trend for a while. details in a minute. >> thank you. our big story this morning, federal aid on the way to the state of maryland. president obama has declared a disaster in eight counties. >> because of damage left by that december snow storm. baltimore, careline, cecil, queen an's county a few eligible. a few nonprofits will also be eligible.
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>> and while that relief money will get here eventually, this morning baltimore new city council president is calling for immediate payment. >> he wants the federal government to reimburse the city. >> i have declared it a national disaster and i contacted a senator carden's office and spoke to his chief of staff today who said that senator carden is going to try to work to bring some federal dollars here. >> following our historic snowfalls, new city council president jack young has an urgent message for the state and federal governments regarding federal relief. >> we ask it immediately. we need it immediately. it normally comes from the federal government to the state and then the state giffs it to us. but we need this money yesterday. >> he doesn't know a lot about how the process works, but the governor's office was able to clear it up. the city hasn't even applied for aid yet because the bill has to be totalled first, as in
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all the work done. at the direction of the governor, nema is collecting figures and will do everything in our power to maximize federal reimbursement for the local jurisdictions. >> we want some federal assistance, because this is a national disaster for baltimore city. we have never faced this before. we have pot holes everywhere as a result of the storm. we have to hire out of state contractors. >> but the governor's office goes on. a fema disaster declaration typically takes some type. as fema investigators must come into the state and verify expenditures once the application is complete. that is currently under way and they are very experienced in this type of application process. >> what's the problem now waiting a month to get the money? >> right now people have to be paid. we had city workers who worked around the clock, some of them haven't seen their families for two and three days. and that's overtime costs that
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we are going to have to pay as a city. >> council president young says the work was done 50% by city workers and 50% by outsiders. the total bill more than $15 million so far. in north baltimore, john sherman. >> in this morning's education alert, maryland is about to waive school days for districts forced to close. the decision could come as early as tuesday. meanwhile, local superintendents got to share their concerns with the state's school chief. >> the school leaders met in anne arundel county county with the state school superintendent. it was a scheduled meeting but the first since maryland's big snow storm was shut down area schools. even though students and staff members are back on campus, at least for now, the focus is on how the state will pitch in. >> i hope there will sort of be a compromise where we have to extend our year or change some days here or there, but maybe
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not the total amount. >> right now, most school systems are running a deaf sit on snow days. they've used over and above what they put on their calendars. anne arundel county county is six days in the hole. baltimore is in the best shape with a deaf sit of one day. carol county is three days, hafert county two. >> we're talking about four days in the case of baltimore city. and we need to understand how an historic emergency is going to be treated for the purposes of the school calendar for kids. >> he told superintendents she will make a recommendation of the state board based in part on when the governor declared a state of emergency but she warned school systems should be prepared to bear most of the burden. >> that does not imply that all of the days will be forgiven in any way, shayics or form. there will still be other adjustments in the schedule that the individual systems will have to make. >> most school systems have already made plans to use
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professional days to help meet state requirements for time in class. in some cases they're looking to reduce the number of days students are out of school for spring break. >> parents in anne arundel county county are sharing their opinion about which days the system should use to make up time missed because of the snow by way of a survey. you can learn more about that by logging on to our website. click on education. remove the chairs. that's what baltimore mayor is telling city residents. chairs, bar stools, and other pieces of furniture are usually used to hold shoveled out parking spaces. is it legal? for the past nine days city officials have looked the other day. >> my hope is that people will use common sense and courtesy, particularly that we're trying to get back to normal. we're working hard to make sure that we're continuing to clean the streets, but we need neighbors to work with us as
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well. >> the mayor instructed police not to cite anyone in the wake of these two storms. this morning investigators are looking for the cause of a two-alarm house fire. sky team 11 flew over the 100 block of sher burn road just after 5:00 friday evening. it took more than 50 firefighters to put that out. no one was inside at the time and no official word on how much it's going to cost to renovate. one person was found dead following a house fire there. police and fire crews responded to the fire in the 7200 block of riding hood circle. the home's only ok pant was found dead. the victim has not been identified. >> a baltimore county pharmacist pled guilty yesterday to conspiring to distribute two kilgrams of oxy coden to a drug dealer. 48 patel sold more than 6600
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fraudulent prescriptions. they said he instructed the drug dealer on how to write fake prescriptions using a stolen prescription pad. he now faces the maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine. >> it's 33 degrees. still ahead dr. kim joins us to answer your pet questions. >> details on the celebrations taking place all around the state coming up. >> a programming note. senator ben carden will be our guest tomorrow morning. if you have a question for the senator, now is the time to send in. e-mail your questions to sunday questions at
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>> some moisture is trying to
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move into the west. it's all the leading element of a storm that we really expect to wait until monday to come in. high pressure is going to give us some pretty decent weather today. but those westerlyly winds and little bit of moisture cresting over the ridge tops has tro pro-deuced some clouds west and south of the city. around sharltsville we're expecting a few sprinkles here and there, showing pink which means there could be a little sleet or freezing drizzen out there as well. but our air is pretty dry so i'm not sure that stuff is making it to the ground. that area to the west of precipitation, it's dissipating. so that's not a threat today. eventually something will pop up. let's give you the current situation. a lot of sun but there are those clouds, especially thick tore the south and west.
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the air is really dry, down to 59%. 30 11 the barometer pressure. we have a northwest breeze up to 20 miles an hour, averaging about 14 or so. we still have that breeze this morning, but that will diminish somewhat during the day as this high pressure kind of gets over us on top of us, and then the winds tend to die back. 37 at came bridge, easten 36. annapolis 38. parkton 30, iegewood 35. and still in the teens in mchenry. here's the satellite picture with those clouds. again, the mid level winds are coming from the west and northwest, and they hit those ridge tops. you squeeze out a little water vapor into clouds. and again, an attempt at a few sprinkles down there. but the main storm is way to the west, and high pressure is over us. so the moisture coming in ahead
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of this area of low pressure and the warmer air has been a little ice indication out in illinois and indiana, is producing that precipitation, but this high pressure is going to hold that to the west. and as it tries to move in, it won't break through. so we're in good shape, it looks like, this weekend. the main thing that will kick everything east is this low pressure center out in the pacific that will be moving this way, and by monday we do have a chance for some unsettled weather. clouds and sun, unseasonably cold. west winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. small craft advisories on the bay. the seven-day forecast. tomorrow looks like a good day. maybe a few more clouds. and 41 the high. by tomorrow night into monday and tuesday, with that storm finally getting in off the pacific with some moisture, temperatures warming up, looks like mostly rain but in the early morning hours when we could have temperatures closer
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to freezing we may see some snow or sleet mixed in. and that would be the case both mund and tuesday. wednesday and thursday, colder. that could produce some snow showers. >> are you looking for ways to break out and have some fun? the convention center. >> is the site of the black heritage art show. joining us live with more. >> good morning. >> tell us what's the big event? >> the big event is the community owned african american art festival. we have fee turt artists. and curtis. >> yes. tomorrow morning at 11:00. >> so that's quite a show there. >> you have a terrific lineup. >> yes, we do. we also have our featured
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artist who created the piece of artwork behind me. >> let's see it. >> here she is. can you please tell us about the piece that you created? >> i call this my new orleans neck tie series. it is full of music. so it's again called my new orleansneck tie series. come down to the art show and see all the art and artists. please bring your children. this is an event that the children will enjoy. >> we wanted to see the artwork. we can't see it. we just see your head. >> ok. >> that's beautiful. and so what else is there for the children? you can still talk. >> we have areas for arts and crafts for our children. as well as amy the clown will be performing for them. >> she looks like she should work here. you're doing a great job.
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and there's a line dancing party tomorrow. >> tomorrow at 5:00. that will close out the show. >> that's fun. >> deborah will be there. >> i'll be the headliner. >> with randy dennis. >> all right. that will be fun. have a great weekend. it opens at 11:00. >> it's from 11:00 to 9:00 and tomorrow 11 to 7:00. >> how much is it? >> you can go to black heritage art >> and the cost? >> the cost is $15 for adults and $5 for children 6 to 12. >> thank you. >> she's adorable. all right. our black history month cell brates continues next. details for fun and educational trips for the entire family. >> before you head out, how about treating the family to a fast and nutritious breakfast. in the kitchen with terrific ideas. >> and dr. kim is here to answer your pet questions.
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>> more than 20 museums in the state dedicated to african american history. here with a look at some of the sites you might want to check out with your family. >> happy to be here. >> even though we're talking about the month, which is about to end, you can do it all year round. spring break is coming up for the kids, i they have a spring break. so there's a chance to do a lot around the state. let's talk about the kennedy farmhouse. >> out in sharpsburg in washington county.
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the place where abolitionist john brown staged his raid. many people consider that to be the beginning of the civil war. we just commemorated 150 years from that day. >> the thing is keeping the kids interested. it's great to tell them the history. but what's there for them to see? >> there are tours that can be given, and these are civil war driving tours. so you can make it one stop in going through this beautiful part of our state and it tells you things to do that are more recreational in nature as well. >> hampton national historic site. >> beautiful. beautiful home with enslaved quarters still there. it is a national park. historic site. so you're going to get great story telling and interpretation. it was the largest home in america in 1790. >> and so you go there, you can go into some of the slave
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quarters. >> there are park rangers there who interpret the story for you. they have events all year round that tell different stories. they have a wonderful singing ceremony that they do. a beautiful part of baltimore county. >> also in baltimore county on the western side, ban ker, is considered to be the first african american scientist. and self-taught astronmer, math tigs, great museum there. also has heritage trails. 140 acre park. >> beautiful. >> do we have any more pictures? frederick douglas maritime. >> that's down in fells point on name street. beautiful building that was just built on where the first african american shipyard was started. working on the docks, also ice
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yak meyers was a union leader. great exhibitions down there >> those are just a few. we have some of the pictures we wanted to show. >> that was actually inside. that's -- of course we can't fregged the redgenaled lose museum. which is having a free open house. and of course i have to give a shout out to dr. martin and the black museum. >> that is frederick douglas down in annapolis, i believe, where there are great walking tours that you can take by water mark. there are also wonderful walking tours in fells point that black baltimore black heritage puts on. renaissance tours does some great tours. and just go to our website visit, visit and learn more. >> there will be a small fee. all of this is not free. >> many of the places are free.
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there are fees normally at redgenaled lewis and meyers. but the hampton mansion is free as is ban ker place. >> and if you dare to venture across the bridge. >> there is so much african american history across on the eastern shore. if you go to our website, you can order a driving tour down in came bridge through a beautiful part of our state where hair yet tubman grew up and began her journey to take people to freedom. >> we'll be hearing more about her celebration. thank you so much for coming. >> and don't go away. dr. kim has answers to your pet questions when we come back.
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>> welcome back. and joining us now to answer your pet questions. and our special guest is a? >> cavalier king charles, about 15 weeks old. >> a little span yl. >> he's just a young one. how big will he get? >> double the size perhaps in terms of size, and maybe another doubling of weight or so. they are really fun, fun dogs. they are gentle, sweet dogs. they're in a lot of movies because they're such cool dogs. easy family dog. great termitement. >> he wants to play a lot. >> he's got baby likes you.
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>> let's go to a couple questions here. >> my vet has told me that my pet lab has a torn ligament in his knee. how did this happen and what are my options? they didn't see a particular incident that occurred. >> the common history is my dog jumped off the chair, let out a yell p. that's a common history. and i have to tell you, there are lots of options for fixing it. you can call dr. allen at the falls alman hospital. he is really good at giving you advice and understanding what kind of knee problem you have. there are various knees to fix the knee depending on the animal. some animals like rot wilers have to have the knee rebuilt in a way so that the ligaments are straight. we've learned that genetically, an tomically rot wilers have a tendency to tear their ligaments because their hips and knees are out of alignment.
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so they have to reposition, actually cut the bone. >> it's a mechanical thing. >> exactly. >> how do vets measure the blood pressure of an animal, and how is it determined what that blood pressure should be? different size dogs? whatever, cats? >> i have to tell you a funny story about that. dr. mike cranfield from the zoo and i were down in coasta rega working on slotsdzing. and they can hold their breath for five minutes. you can't find their blood pressure and you have to take a doppler and run it over the body to find any vains or anything like that. blood pressure is done with a cuff just like humans. and it's different for different animals. but very, very simple to do. under the right circumstances. it takes a little practice because these dogs don't like to have cuffs. >> are all dogs the same pressure in general? >> within -- and they do -- really, it's a good thing to monitor. because if they have high blood
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pressure, it tends to affect their kidneys and ice and things. >> we are out of time. >> we'll see you next week. thanks for joining us this morning. don't go away, more news coming up.
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>> welcome back to 11 news
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saturday morning. thanks for joining us. >> oothsdz look outside with john. >> nice cloud morning this morning. a little breeze. sun burning through the clouds. another pleasant day today. >> we need sun burning through the snow. >> that's been happening. we'll give you a wide view of the satellite-radar combination. we've seen some moisture, a little wintry mix occurring from the ohio river valley northward into the great lakes and then another cluster of similar activity in oklahoma and parts of kansas in the southern and central plains. that activity is all warm air and a weather disturbance trying to move east. it won't be all that successful this weekend as far as getting far enough east to affect us. but it's all signature of a storm that comes into our area for the workweek next week. and for schoolweek next week. we'll talk about that coming up in a minute. >> thank you. this just in. former secretary of state al
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hague has died. the hague family says he died this morning at johns hopkins hospital from complications associated with an infection. he served as a top advisor to three presidents. richard nixon appointed him white house chief of staff. he later served as secretary of state under president ronald reagan. now, to what could be the water cooler topic of the year. tiger woods breaking his silence yesterday in a public statement. the golfer admitted he cheated on his wife, apologized and said he needed help. >> at 11:00 friday morning, 85 days after the car crash and sex scandal that forced him off the p.g.a. tour, he made an emotional return to public life. >> i had affairs. i cheated. what i did is not acceptable. and i am the only person who is
9:32 am
to blame. >> it was a 14 minute repair job on tiger woods, the brand. and it was successful, the sports psychologist. >> looking at his hands, he's practiced this. he's comfortable. he's not gripping down or hiding his hands or doing any body language that indicates significant anchinge angst. >> it was an apology beemed life around the world. breaking news on broadcast tv. he says sorry to the universe. and according to the crowd, it's apology accepted. >> he's human. i think maybe for him, a little more humility on his part. >> what more can you do? i'm waiting for him to come back and ballet golve. >> i thought he apologiesed to his fans and i thought he did a good job. i'm back on tiger woods.
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>> according to dr. lion, it was what tiger needed to say and america needed to hear. the twitter verse knew that too but the responses here, more snarky. >> tiger woods was hugging on camera, but off he was fist pumping. >> today is the birthday of cap person cuss, the first man to prove the world does not revolve around tiger woods. >> and so in light of his personal troubles, are you still a fan of tiger woods? you can take part in our survey. you can vote as much as ever. he lost me. i was never a fan. it's all in the home page of >> i feel like i was giving out some songs. >> or the little sayings on the conversation hearts? >> give your body the fuel it needs to start the day. great recipe suggestance. >> but first, in our woman's
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section, options for concern about mammography's ability to detect tumors through dense breasts. >> there's a minor storm moving out to the west, but high pressure gives us great weather
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>> looked kind of threatening all day this morning, this rain and snow to west of us. but as you can see here on our doppler and satellite combination, that precipitation out in the ohio river valley is dissipating. the area is pretty dry. and that stuff isn't going to make it in. it's moisture trying to make it in, but even the clouds that have developed off the ridge
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tops in the appalachians are trying to produce a few sprinchingsles. but with the dry atmosphere that we have, it looks like that stuff is evaporating before it hits the ground or producing a couple of sprinkles. let's take a look at the current conditions. we have some of that thin cloud deck overhead. 36 at the airport. humidity at 55%. again, a sign of a dry atmosphere. that number is dropping. so the atmosphere stays dry despite the clouds. 30 11 the barometerer. northwest winds still breezing along, gusting up to 20 miles an hour. the tendency will be to drop those winds back. on average it shouldn't be as windy. 37 at salisbury and cambridge. up in elkton 35. parkton is 30. it's 19 in mchenry. a lot of snow in west virginia.
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they've had clear skies and quiet conditions. the high pressure sitting over the eastern eastern seaboard. there's an upper low in new england which has been complicating the weather a bit. but this is keeping the moisture trying to advance our way away for a while. a couple weather disturbances. one in the plains, coming down from the south south california coast. these will come in just like those other storms. this probably won't be quite as big and will track further north. it's coming up at the mid-atlantic region and will pass overhead in the next couple of days. as it does that, it will increase our rain chances. and i'm saying rain, not snow, because it looks like the temperatures will be warm enough. our forecast today though doesn't include any of that. just a mix of clouds and sun because that storm is a couple days away. west winds, 10 to 15 miles an
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hour. the future cast shows the dry conditions holding off this moisture to the west. this is what sunday evening looks like, but we're beginning to see hints of this coming in. in the early morning hours on monday, it may be cold enough there may be freezing drizzle or sleet. but this looks like a rain maker as it moves through the area on into tuesday morning. then we expand that even more with colder air wednesday and thursday. a second impulse coming up. a better chance for snowshower activity. so a good chunk of next week looks unsettled and colder. but the weekend, today and tomorrow, even though there will be some clouds it will be dry and fairly pleasant. >> when you have your mammogram, maybe the radiologist has told you you
9:40 am
have dense breast tissue. it can be kind of a double whammy because it may increase your risk of breast cancer and make it harder to find. luckily, digital mammography is making things clearer. >> dr. gene warner is the medical director of the women's imaging nert summertime. it's her job to find breast cancer on ma'am grams, and she says it's hard tore see in the dense breast. >> this white area is all the tissue in the patient's breast and the dark area is the fatty tissue. so if you have a lot of fat it would all look dark and cancer tends to show up white. so if cancer is white and sitting in this area of white tissue, it's harder to detect. >> the older film mammograms made it even tougher to see through dense tissue. >> you had that one moment in time, that one captured im
9:41 am
we can blow up the image like this and even magnify it more. >> you can see the right is film, the one on the left is digital. it's a sharper picture to see what they're looking for. >> are there any areas where the tissue looks distorted or a nod yull or a mass. hiding in there. >> very fascinating. dr. jean warner joins us with more information. is this good for everyone? we talk about dense tissue but is it good for everyone? >> a study was done comparing digital to film a few years ago. and that study showed overall that the two tech neebs are equivalent at detection of breast cancer if you look at the entire population. if you take certain subgrupes of women, the digital
9:42 am
mammography is more sensitive. and that was in women who have dense breast tissue who are younger, under age 50 or who rapree or peri men ol pause al. >> mercy has gone completely digital. >> correct. >> and when did they phase that in? >> this summer. >> that's a big change. so you should request digital mammography or should you assume in general that is going to be in most places? >> in the last few years there's a big change towards moving towards digital mammography. but i would emphasize if a woman is somewhere where she doesn't have access, she should still get her analog mammogram. so not everyone has converted yet. and that will take some time to make that conversion because of the cost involved. but it doesn't mean that analog mammography is not good. >> that's certainly important. but does it provide -- it has a
9:43 am
more precise view. but is it also a larger field of view as well? >> no. we're taking similar image, the breast -- it depends on the size of the breast, what size our field of view is. but that doesn't really change. the difference in digital mammography is that it has much better contrast resolution on the image. and we have a little bit more leeway in terms of acquiring the image. with the film you had one film, one exposure. and with digital, it's just like your camera. if you take a bad picture, you can brighten it, you can darken it. you can zoom in on it. we can do all of that with our digital image that we couldn't do with an analog in the combage in the past. >> is it a more accurate rendition? that is the question. right? >> well, that is the question that this large trial tried to answer. and really, it came out across the board equivalent in terms of detection.
9:44 am
in certain groups of women, it is more sensitive. so for some women, it is probably better. >> and sthrithely less radiation. >> a little lower dose. >> thank you for joining us. thank you for this good information about the mammography. >> if you have any other questions or would like a referral, you can call 1800 md mercy. >> it is the most important meal of the day even on a tight schedule. how can you whip up a fast and delicious breakfast in under five minutes? coming up.
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>> we've heard it for years that we all need to eat a good breakfast and when people are rushing around they forget. here, with five breakfast ideas under five minutes. >> i think i was thinking this morning, watching the olympics. obviously the american ski team has been having a protein-based breakfast. there are five things you can look forward to. get your day off to the right start with energy, focus, better mood, less irrelevantability. makes you more productive and help youse with weight control. your going to make better food choices during the course of your day. >> having said all that. >> let's get started with a little protein. first, on the weekend we love to make sausage. i have the jimmy dean reduced fat sauges. >> they make 11 varieties. and when you make your sausage
9:48 am
on the weekend, freeze some in some bags and pop it in the -- make individual portions during the week. quick and ready to go. then some diced potatoes. again, when you make potatoes on sunday, save some of those cubed potatoes. they'll last almost all week. now, give my egg whites a little bit of a whisk there. now, egg whites of course no fat in an egg white. you can pour that in. >> so the fat is all in the yolk? >> yes, it is. and the fact is you don't really miss the yolk. and in no time at all, this is going to cook up for you. so when you realize you can do this in under 2 minutes, there's no reason not to do it during the week. and what i do is fold it. give me some of that cheese, if you would. i call it my breakfast bowl.
9:49 am
because a little salt and pepper to taste. the thing about a breakfast bowl, kids are more likely tho eat something. they can use a spoon, you can put it in front of them. and i like to say, a bowl travels. >> i'm going to have you garnish it. so i've got our sauage, and as i said, it's completely ready to go in under two minutes. >> take that into the car. >> you can eat it at the kitchen counter. >> but kids don't like tomatoes. >> if you get them started eating tomatoes early enough, my girls were loving tomatoes. and i think it's the key to getting them to eat hettedsy. >> if you don't like that. >> anything red, anything orange, anything green. and if you don't have enough time during the week, another way to get this same protein to get you through the day is the jimmy dean delight turkey sausage bowl. again, ready to go for you.
9:50 am
basically a convenient version of what i made. under 300 calories. it's a better for you option. it's convenient. again, take it in the car. of course the turkey sausage, whole grain bagele. all those same wonderful things. you've got a girl at college. we're going to give you these. >> i've got a younger one too. >> that's something the college kids love because they can upon it in the microwave. if you want more ideas, can i send you to facebook and friend jimmy dean sausage. >> is he going to send us some sausage? >> you never know. there could be coupons there. >> stay with us. john has another look at your weekend forec
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>> four years ago in torino, u.s. skier bodey miller was shut out. this time around, he is back twice now. but both times so close to gold. once time, bodey miller settles for silver. competing yesterday at whistler, treacherous conditions, icy mountain, bodey, who had already gone to the medal stand once, picking up a silver earlier in the competition, coming out in the gate strong, superg finished right behind the gold medalist winner. as a team, u.s. has won six alpine skiing med yals. most ever. now, the hockey team, still fun to rush on the ice. u.s. women's curling team. final shot u.s.a.'s debby with a final throw. and it is perfect. lands a shot with a bull's eye.
9:54 am
u.s. wins it. and as day eight of the olympics draws to a close, here's how it looks. day nine, team u.s.a. remains first and on track for the most medals ever. 20 total so far. the u.s. record stands at 34 set back in 2002 at the salt lake games. they get under way out in vancouver. still way too cold to think about doning a pair of shorts unless you play la closs. la closs season has arrived. dave in the white jersey on fire against manhattan. steven boil, six goals. second quarter attacks from the other side of the net. 6-0 lead. third quarter starts giving the goals away. fills the empty net. six goals for steven. a 14-3 win for hopkins over
9:55 am
manhattan. and that continues for the orioles. one of the early noticeable changes, not just the guys throwing the ball but the big guy chatching it behind the plate. mat, a hookie a year ago, not quite a seasoned veteran but clearly a young player with a ma touring outlook. no longer solely focused on proving he belonged. he proves that last year. now he's trying to do a real catcher's job. >> getting experience, and not noying what to expect. this year i have an idea of what to be. we're going through the rest of the american league. so just that sort of expectation. >> hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start. >> and sissy is still cooking. >> cooking for john. a little jimmy dean sage sausage.
9:56 am
kind of the classic. but also great for breakfast. >> forecast, good weekend. we should see some sun and temperatures in the low 40's. but that stormy weather, unsettled weather monday through thursday. mostly rain, maybe other stuff mixed in. and then leaning more towards snow. >> ok. if you want more information, if you want to see this again, you can get more information go to our website, click on weekend edition. >> thanks for joining us. >> the sausage is ready. >> be sure to come back tonight for 11 news at 6:00.
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>> the past week, after the most snowfall in maryland history has been a challenge. there are clearly not enough plows and shovels to move all the snow and still the issue of where to put it. staying on top of multiple storms required lots of planning, tons of equipment and hundreds of man hours to make it happen. some states are more ready than other, but no state including maryland could have anticipated this winter, especially over 50 inches of snow in one week's time. baltimore city even employed the canadian snow melter, which can melted ten truck loads of
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snow an hour. however, state highway officials, emergency personnel and locals have done a remarkable job. working together, most major highways and thorough fairs were quickly passable, making it possible for emergency teams to get where they needed. and while some side streets and small packageageways were not, they put forth a yowman's effort. neighbors joined forces and helped each other and young people helped the elderly. the blizzard of 2010 will be remembered for many things but how our community and neighborhoods rose to the occasion and supported each other.
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